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  Bullet-proof plate is divided into polyethylene material bulletproof plate and composite bulletproof plate, composite bulletproof plate can be divided into the aluminum oxide or silicon carbide composite bulletproof plate with UHMWPE or aramid composite. Uniform surface texture, bright and clean is flat.With light weight, high protection grade, easy process molding, easy disassembling, etc. Improve the bulletproof level and overall performance. Bulletproof Ceramic Plate PE / Alumina & PE / Silicon Carbide NIJ Level III & NIJ Level IV (Standard 0101.04) Bulletproof Ceramic Plate in NIJ Level III & NIJ Level IV (for fitting with bulletproof vest) 1. PE / Alumina Bulletproof Ceramic Plate 1-1. Usual Size: 250 x 300 mm, curve shape for body 1-2. NIJ Level III – 1.80 kgs/pc, 2.00 kgs/pc; NIJ Level IV - 2.45 kgs/pc 2. PE / Silicon Carbide Bulletproof Ceramic Plate 2-1. Usual Size: 250 x 300 mm, curve shape for body 2-2. NIJ Level III - 1.70 kgs/pc; NIJ Level IV - 2.00 kgs/pc (Remark: plate sizes, cover colors and protection area can be customized.)  
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