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        Product name: Full protection armor vest Protective area: neck,shoulder,chest,abdomen,rear,side,groin,etc. Protective coverage: 0.50-0.65m2 Defence level: NIJ IIIA, III, IV, optional; Color: Forest,desert,digital camo,UN blue,black, acceptable customized Our lightweight assault FULL PROTECTION JACKET ensures full extent of protection to the front back and side of the torso with multiple adjustment points at the shoulders and sides which offer superb comfort level. Additional protection collar/groin, supplied with extensive MOLLE system webbing which could enable the fitting of bespoke pouches and heavy-duty loop systems; Using high performance fiber (UHMWPE, carbon nanotube composited UD, Aramid for options) ensure the highest protection with optimum fit and comfort. Comparing with ordinary armor vest, the protective coverage increase further, achieves full protection, effectively enhance the protection to safety of lives. Properly secure the B.P. Jackets with the body of the wearer around waist, so that weight of jacket is distributed on waist/shoulders.  Trauma pad are provided behind the SAPs, so that it remains to body surface to provide proper cushioning. Optimum protection certified to the US NIJ IIIA standards, against ballistic attack including blunt trauma injuries, absorb fragmentation from exploding devices (V50 index according to STANAG 2920, 1.1g FSP); Pockets are provided to the front and the rear accommodating hard armour plate combinations. Hard armor plates can be inserted in the chest, back and both sides of the torso around to protect vital organs. Colour: could be customized such as UN blue/Olive drab/Black/Khaki; Outer carrier: Polyester Oxford/Nylon Codura (Optional); The outer cover fabric is high tenacity, heavy duty, abrassion resistant and 100% vest integrity fabric PU coated Nylon, water repellent. MOLLE designed webbing can easily attached with radio, magazines, guns, grenade, soldier equipment pouches, etc.High degree of flexibility to accommodate anthropometric variations and avoid restrictions to movement, suit for military, private-security companies in tactical conditions.Especially suitable for light fire strike, close combat, anti-terrorism, hostage rescue, which can realize whole protection, reduce casualties.  
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