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    Product name: Concealable vest Ergonomically contoured for fit Multi-Point Adjustable Carrier Certified to the US NIJ IIIA Suit for officer, diplomat, VIP Color: White, black, for options Our concealable bullet proof vest has been designed to follow the contours of the body and provides a comfortable, low-profile fit and excellent coverage with front, back, and side protection, it also designed to be worn hidden under clothing that is light on the naked body is designed for year-round use in all weather conditions, provide protection and stability parameters. Additional velcro straps at the shoulders and sides, flexibility and low weight enables the jacket to be worn comfortable for long periods of duty without restricting wearer manoeuvrability. The standard concealable body armor ballistic panels are interchangeable with all other series carriers of the same size, providing a variety of protection and style options. The multi-point adjustable design allows for a comfortable fit without compromising protection, eliminates the risk of exposed areas. Optimum protection certified to the US NIJ 0101.0104 level IIIA, resisting 9mm FMJ(Velocity 427m/s) by Uzi SMG and .44 Magnum (Velocity: 427m/s) standards, against ballistic attack including blunt trauma injuries. The concealable bulletproof vest is suit for government officer, diplomat, international policeman, military leader, company leader and so on. It is more suitable for engineer, technician and builder etc, who was sent to overseas or in dangerous working environment.
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