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Common body armor
NIJ standard Level IIIA Ballistic Protection Maximum mobility and versatility Level III or IV available to protect vital organs Ensure armor with optimum fit & comfort. Protective area: chest, abdomen, side, back. Our bullet proof vest has versatile utility pouches that are compatible with tactical equipment. It is fully adjustable. Pouches of outer carrier are provided to accommodate Hard Amour plates so that jacket protects vital organs of body. Properly secure the bulletproof vests with the body of the wearer around waist, so that weight of vest is distributed on waist/shoulders. Trauma pad must be provided behind the SAPs, so that it remains to body surface to provide proper cushioning, the outer carrier is made of high tenacity, heavy duty, abrasion proof integrity fabric PU coated nylon or polyester. We are using the newest technology in combination with UHMWPE UD fabric to ensure the highest protection with optimum fit and comfort. Accessories:  NIJ standard Level IIIA Ballistic Protection Maximum mobility and versatility    
Bulletproof & Anti-stab Vests
Specification: Bulletproof, stab-resistant 2 in 1 Anti-UV light, resistant to most chemicals Pockets for armor inserts available as required Convinient to wear and release Colors can be customized Our bulletproof & stab-resistant vests have passed the tests of Police Special Equipment Quality Supervision Testing Centre of Public Security Ministry and National Special Protection Clothing Cnetre.
Concealable armor vest
    Product name: Concealable vest Ergonomically contoured for fit Multi-Point Adjustable Carrier Certified to the US NIJ IIIA Suit for officer, diplomat, VIP Color: White, black, for options Our concealable bullet proof vest has been designed to follow the contours of the body and provides a comfortable, low-profile fit and excellent coverage with front, back, and side protection, it also designed to be worn hidden under clothing that is light on the naked body is designed for year-round use in all weather conditions, provide protection and stability parameters. Additional velcro straps at the shoulders and sides, flexibility and low weight enables the jacket to be worn comfortable for long periods of duty without restricting wearer manoeuvrability. The standard concealable body armor ballistic panels are interchangeable with all other series carriers of the same size, providing a variety of protection and style options. The multi-point adjustable design allows for a comfortable fit without compromising protection, eliminates the risk of exposed areas. Optimum protection certified to the US NIJ 0101.0104 level IIIA, resisting 9mm FMJ(Velocity 427m/s) by Uzi SMG and .44 Magnum (Velocity: 427m/s) standards, against ballistic attack including blunt trauma injuries. The concealable bulletproof vest is suit for government officer, diplomat, international policeman, military leader, company leader and so on. It is more suitable for engineer, technician and builder etc, who was sent to overseas or in dangerous working environment.
Tactical body armor
  Avaialable in a variety of sizes Size: Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large/XXL/XXXL Protective coverage: 0.25sqm-0.60sqm; Weight:depend on the specified threat level and the size. Colour Options: Woodland Camo, Desert Camo, Tan, etc
Full protection vest
        Product name: Full protection armor vest Protective area: neck,shoulder,chest,abdomen,rear,side,groin,etc. Protective coverage: 0.50-0.65m2 Defence level: NIJ IIIA, III, IV, optional; Color: Forest,desert,digital camo,UN blue,black, acceptable customized Our lightweight assault FULL PROTECTION JACKET ensures full extent of protection to the front back and side of the torso with multiple adjustment points at the shoulders and sides which offer superb comfort level. Additional protection collar/groin, supplied with extensive MOLLE system webbing which could enable the fitting of bespoke pouches and heavy-duty loop systems; Using high performance fiber (UHMWPE, carbon nanotube composited UD, Aramid for options) ensure the highest protection with optimum fit and comfort. Comparing with ordinary armor vest, the protective coverage increase further, achieves full protection, effectively enhance the protection to safety of lives. Properly secure the B.P. Jackets with the body of the wearer around waist, so that weight of jacket is distributed on waist/shoulders.  Trauma pad are provided behind the SAPs, so that it remains to body surface to provide proper cushioning. Optimum protection certified to the US NIJ IIIA standards, against ballistic attack including blunt trauma injuries, absorb fragmentation from exploding devices (V50 index according to STANAG 2920, 1.1g FSP); Pockets are provided to the front and the rear accommodating hard armour plate combinations. Hard armor plates can be inserted in the chest, back and both sides of the torso around to protect vital organs. Colour: could be customized such as UN blue/Olive drab/Black/Khaki; Outer carrier: Polyester Oxford/Nylon Codura (Optional); The outer cover fabric is high tenacity, heavy duty, abrassion resistant and 100% vest integrity fabric PU coated Nylon, water repellent. MOLLE designed webbing can easily attached with radio, magazines, guns, grenade, soldier equipment pouches, etc.High degree of flexibility to accommodate anthropometric variations and avoid restrictions to movement, suit for military, private-security companies in tactical conditions.Especially suitable for light fire strike, close combat, anti-terrorism, hostage rescue, which can realize whole protection, reduce casualties.  
flotation bulletproof vest/jacket
1.Protective performance meets U.S. NIJ IIIA -level standard and Ministry of GA141-2001 police grade class standard of level II and III.  2.Floating body armor plus 250*300mm light bulletproof chest plate (1.6kg/pc),can proof AK47 assault rifle with 7.62mm*39mm rifle bullets and M16 rifle,M14 with 7.62*51 mm NATO bullets. 3.Floating performance can apply to 70kg and guarantee that float in the water. 4.Accessories: traffic light and emergency life-saving calling device. Material desigh: 1.Bulletproof vest panel and bulletproof chest plate adopt UHMWPE UD fabric ,it is permanent waterproof,various chemicals,corrosion,non-toxic and tasteless,high-inpact toughness ,and the teture is lighter than water (a density of0.98),which is the world leader in high performance bulletproof materials. 2.Floating body armor outer and inner carriers are woven with high-strengh polyester fiber.It is waterproof,fire-retardant surface treatment,and flexible colorfast fabric. 3.Floating parts of bullteproof vests are high molecular polyurethane foam processing,which is a new type of foam featuring in high strength,good floating performance,and non-poisoned non-peculiar smell. We manufacture the bullet proof vest according to customer's design, the color of outshell fabric can be printed as original sample. Any question regarding bullet proof products, please feel free to let me know, we will give you prompt reply.  
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